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People have taken note of the GST or the Goods Services Tax law. A new law has been proposed which is set to reform how people do business and the way goods and services are taxed in India. Whether it makes goods cheaper for the common man like you and me, nobody can tell. But this is going to impact our lives in our jobs, our businesses and the overall economic environment. Reason enough for us to learn something about it!

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  • CGST payments can be set off against – IGST and CGST on inputs.
  • Imports shall be considered as inter-state supply.
  • SGST payments can be set off against – IGST and SGST on inputs.
  • Supplies to SEZ will be Zero-rated.
  • At the intra-state level (when goods travel within a state)and at the       inter-state level (when goods travel between states).
  • IGST payments can be set off against – IGST, CGST, SGST on inputs.
  • Broadly there will be 2 forms of GST in India.
  • CGST payments can be set off against – IGST and CGST on inputs.
  • Exports shall be zero rated.
  • At the intra-state level two types of GST shall be levied CGST (Central       Goods and Services Tax) and SGST (State Goods and Services Tax).

Frequently Asked Questions

​What is GST?

GST ia an abbreviation for Goods and Services Tax. Goods and Services tax is the most important change in indirect tax scheme since the inception of indirect taxes in free India. This tax would effectively consolidate almost all indirect taxes currently levied in India.  Read More...